DISTRICTSolv - Redistricting Tool

DISTRICTSolv is an easy to use redistricting software that works in an ArcGIS interface.

  • Create districts using existing layers
  • Create districts by manually selecting geographic units
  • Automatically create districts
  • Calculate Ideal Population, Maximum and Average Deviations
  • District Statistics
  • Graphically Displays deviation for each district
  • Generates thematic maps
  • Majority Minority Districts
  • Maps for each district
  • Make multi-level Plans
  • District Summary Reports
  • Measures of compactness
  • Community of Interest
  • Checks for Contiguity
  • Block-equivalency file
  • Tools for data Aggregation
  • Easy to Use Drag & Drop Functionality
  • Plan Management
  • Create as many plans
  • Save Plans
  • Export Plans
  • Share plans
  • Create Snapshots
  • Revert to Snapshots
  • Create Plan Notes
  • ...And more

To schedule a demo please contact sam@arcbridge.com.